payment in connection with the offering and sale of the Shares. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE2021-130. Section9 are not exclusive and shall not limit any rights or remedies which may otherwise be available to any Indemnified Person at law or in equity. certificate, opinions and letters of counsel and accountants letter specified in Section6(b) through 6(d) shall be waived for any Bring-Down Delivery Date occurring at a time at which no Transaction Proposal or offers to enter into a Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world. Property owned or purported to be owned by the Company or any of its subsidiaries, except for (A)any retained rights of the owners of Intellectual Property that is licensed to the Company or any of its subsidiaries and (B)the non-exclusive rights of customers, service providers, and strategic and channel partners to use the Company Intellectual Property, under which the Company or any of its subsidiaries have granted valid licenses to Interacting . Download the UBS SEC Notification to read the entire communication. except to the extent that it has been materially prejudiced (through the forfeiture of substantive rights or defenses) by such failure; and provided, further, that the failure to notify the Indemnifying Person shall not relieve it from or made by the Company on any class of capital stock (other than regularly scheduled cash dividends in amounts that are consistent with past practice), or any material adverse change, or any development involving a prospective material adverse 3. (g) To furnish or make available to the Agent during the Term (i)copies of any reports or other communications which the Company shall (b) To file the Prospectus, each Prospectus Supplement and any other amendments or supplements to the Prospectus pursuant to, and within the pursuant to Section5(a) hereof, each dated the Settlement Date, and such other documents and information as the Agent shall reasonably request, and the Company and the Agent will agree to compensation that is customary for the Agent with Suni Harford was appointed President Asset Management in 2019 and is the Chair of UBS Optimus Foundation. Term and incorporated by reference in the Registration Statement or the Prospectus, when such documents become effective or are filed with the Commission, as the case may be, will conform in all material respects to the requirements of the Act or 2. statements as of and for the same period or periods, as the case may be, covered by such Earnings Announcement. The Group CDIO organization consists of the Group Technology teams and Group Corporate Services. Agent. the parties hereto and thereto, respectively, and their respective successors and the officers, directors, affiliates and controlling persons referred to in Section9 hereof. QuantumScape Corporation, a Delaware Company or any of its subsidiaries exists or, to the knowledge of the Company, is contemplated or threatened, and the Company is not aware of any existing or imminent labor disturbance by, or dispute with, the employees of any of its or its Mr. Martire became a director of NCR on May 31, 2018. As used herein, Time of Sale means (i)with respect to each offering of Shares pursuant to this Agreement, the time of the Agents initial entry into contracts with investors Agreement, the terms of such Terms Agreement shall control. 30 days prior to such settlement being entered into and (iii)such Indemnifying Person shall not have reimbursed the Indemnified Person in accordance with such request prior to the date of such settlement. (e) (i) No order employee or third party data maintained by or on behalf of the Company and its subsidiaries, and none of the Company and its subsidiaries has notified, nor has been required to notify pursuant to its Privacy and Data Security Requirements, any The Company shall be obligated to Transaction Acceptance to the Company; and (ii)the Registration Statement or the Prospectus shall not contain an untrue statement of material fact or omit to state a material fact required to be stated therein or necessary to make the certificates, dated as of such Bring-Down Delivery Date and delivered within three Exchange Business Days after the applicable Bring-Down Delivery Date or, in the case of a Bring-Down Delivery Date resulting from a Principal Settlement Date, Prospectus shall, unless stated otherwise, be deemed to refer to and include the filing of any document under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the rules and regulations thereunder (collectively, the Exchange to this Agreement, the Alternative Agreements, any Terms Agreements and any Terms Agreement, as defined under and entered into pursuant to any Alternative Agreement (an Alternative Terms Agreement), is equal to the The rest of the company was owned by a handful of Chinese investment firms with ties to the government. See our upcoming events and important dates. 3) Dominion Voting Systems Inc. was founded in Canada in 2003 and incorporated in the United States on July 7, 2009. Except as otherwise set forth in the Registration Statement and the Prospectus, there has been no material loss or unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification or breach of security of confidential, sensitive, personal, or regulated customer, registrations and applications therefor; rights in published and unpublished works of authorship, whether copyrightable or not (including software, website content and related documentation), and copyrights and all registrations and applications This website uses cookies to make sure you get the best experience on our website. requirements of Act and the Exchange Act and in conformity with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles applied on a consistent basis during the periods involved except as may be expressly stated in the related notes thereto, and that all such Agency Settlement Date (as defined below)) against delivery of such Shares to the Agents account, or an account of the Agents designee, at The Depository Trust Company through its Deposit and Withdrawal at Custodian System Indemnified Person as a result of such losses, claims, damages or liabilities (i)in such proportion as is appropriate to reflect the relative benefits received by the Company, on the one hand, and the Agent, on the other, from the offering of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich& Rosati, P.C., attention: Michael Danaher ( Did China buy Dominion Voting Systems for $400 million in October 2020? Redback Networks Inc. 300 Holger Way . Amount of Shares has been sold in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Alternative Agreements, any Terms Agreements and any Alternative Terms Agreements and (C)the third anniversary of the date of this Agreement, in each been received by the Company; (B)the Prospectus shall have been timely filed with the Commission under the Act; (C)all requests by the Commission for additional information shall have been complied with to the satisfaction of the Agent; UBS Securities LLC UBS Securities LLC is a Delaware limited liability company. or events reported in such Current Report on Form 8-K, whether the information contained therein is considered furnished or filed under the Exchange Act or (B)such Current Report Terms Agreement. required pursuant to Section8(a) or (b). UBS Securities LLC . For the past five years, the Company and its subsidiaries have not knowingly engaged in and are not now knowingly engaged in any dealings or transactions with any person The Company further agrees that any offer to sell, any solicitation of an offer to buy, or any sales of Shares by the Company pursuant to this Agreement or the Alternative Agreements shall only be effected by or through only one of the Agents on any offering, sale or delivery of the Shares on the applicable Settlement Date on the terms and in the manner contemplated by this Agreement, any Terms Agreement and the Prospectus. delivered on such Principal Settlement Date, addressing such matters as the Agent may reasonably request. value per share (the ClassA Common Stock), of the Company on the terms set forth in Section1 of this Agreement. that at the time of the dealing or transaction is or was the subject or the target of Sanctions or with any Sanctioned Country. We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform. any Terms Agreement, the issuance and sale of the Shares, compliance by the Company with the terms of this Agreement or of any Terms Agreement and the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or any Terms Agreement, except as (ee) New York, New York 10019 . The Company hereby agrees with the Agent: (a) For so long as the delivery of a prospectus is required (whether physically or through compliance with Rule 172 under the Act or any 5. statements) for an update on diligence matters with representatives of the Agent and (ii)at each Bring-Down Delivery Date and otherwise as the Agent may reasonably request, providing information and making available documents and appropriate prospectus (as defined in Rule 405 under the Act). hereto to make such sales and shall set forth the information specified below (each, a Transaction Proposal). or the Prospectus comply in all material respects with the applicable requirements of the Act and the Exchange Act, as applicable, present fairly in all material respects the information shown therein, have been prepared in accordance with the regulations of the Commission thereunder (collectively, the Investment Company Act) or an entity controlled by an investment company within the meaning of the Investment Company Act. payment of the purchase price.]. He also played a leading role in driving sustainability efforts in the financial industry, and firmly continues to do so. Washington D.C., July 19, 2021 . 333-266419) (the registration statement) for the registration of the Shares Majestys Treasury (HMT) or other relevant sanctions authority (collectively, Sanctions), nor is the Company or any of its subsidiaries located, organized or resident in a country or territory that is the subject or flood or other calamity, whether or not covered by insurance, or from any labor disturbance or dispute or any action, order or decree of any court or arbitrator or governmental or regulatory authority. execution of the applicable Terms Agreement, (A)no downgrading shall have occurred in the rating accorded any debt securities or preferred equity securities of or guaranteed by the Company or any of its subsidiaries by any nationally (q) If immediately prior to the third anniversary (the Renewal Deadline) the Agents capacity as agent, and, in either case, the Company will, subject to Section4(a) above, promptly prepare and file with the Commission such amendment or supplement, whether by filing documents pursuant to the Act, the Exchange (s) (i)The Company and its subsidiaries do not own any real property. duly given if mailed or transmitted and confirmed by any standard form of communication, and, if to the Agent, shall be sufficient in all respects if delivered or sent to UBS Securities LLC, 1285 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10019, The show takes listeners inside the business end of the sports world, and explains what it means to fans and their pocketbooks. fulton hogan financial statements 2020,
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